Monday, November 30, 2009


Having safely arrived in Melbourne, we did what any self respecting jet-lagged backpackers would do and went to a Neighbours theme night. This involved a pub quiz, meeting some actors from Neighbours. The only one of whom I recognised was Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy. Sadly, I didn't get my picture taken with Dr Karl but I did shake his hand. Wowser. Here are pictures of me meeting some of the other Neighbours guys. I'm not quite sure who they are.

This was then followed by the most surreal part of the night, a set from Dr Karl's band Waiting Room. Dr Karl clearly fancies himself as a rockstar, as he was really going for it, playing covers of such classics as I Predict A Riot and Mr Brightside.

The most surprising thing about the whole night was that Dr Karl appears to be a major international sex symbol. Seriously, the ladies loved Dr Karl.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Exotic Singapore...

...Airport is where we are now. It's very exciting.

We stepped off the plane and were immediately hit by the oppressive tropical heat and humidity. Luckily we then stepped into the air conditioned airport, where we have been confined for the past seven hours. We have done lots of fun things, such as:
  • Eating cookies
  • Sleeping
  • ...?
Here is a picture of us waiting for the plane to Melbourne. Rock n Roll!!!