Friday, June 15, 2007

Stupid DVLA

For the past year or two, it has been possible to renew your car's tax disc online. Not for me, it hasn't. Last year, I tried but the DVLA website was running glacially slowly and basically didn't work. This year, the website works but I can't use it to renew my tax disc because it claims that I have no insurance. This is despite the fact that I renewed my insurance literally weeks ago. Stupid DVLA. This is the 21st century. Stuff like updating my insurance info on a computer is meant to be fast and automatic.

My theory is that the DVLA, like most of the rest of the public sector in this country, is staffed by wonderful hardworking people who are unfortunate enough to be led by idiots who manage to screw it up for everyone that they lead. The idiots probably get knighthoods at the end of it as well. This is why I don't ever want to work for the public sector.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What An Exciting Morning

This morning was very exciting due to the following things:
  1. Townhill Way was completely closed, forcing us to take a massive detour on the way into work. Jon wasn't pleased because it made him late for his course. Oh man!
  2. I lost my id badge. Luckily someone found it and I got it back again. Phil told me that I should blog about it so here you go: Blog Me Do!
It's nearly time for lunch. I'm going to eat some kind of weird pasta thing that I bought from Tesco's. Hoo-ray!